Motorcycle/car accident. A motorcyclist ran into a vehicle making a U-turn at the intersection of Frenchman Road and Victor Hugo Boulevard. The biker reportedly flew over the front of his motorcycle in the collision but was up and walking around talking to police.


Loose cattle. A resident in the 14000 block of Homestead Avenue holding a shotgun threatened to shoot approximately 30 loose cows that were eating hay bales on the property. After a police officer secured the shotgun, the resident wanted a deputy to shoot the animals. The cattle were returned to a neighbor and the complainant was advised to make a list of damages incurred by the cattle.

Neighbor complaint. Police were dispatched to a home in the 6000 block of 151st Street Court on a report of loud juveniles driving recklessly and stealing. Police talked to the juveniles and advised them to keep the noise down and that a return trip would mean a citation. They also removed a laser pointer from the home.



Nuisance complaint. Police received a report of people in a boat in the channel between Lake Demontreville and Lake Olson throwing plastic cups ­into the water. Police were unable to locate the boat.



Tubing complaint. An officer on patrol at the Big Marine Lake Reserve noticed a boat with a youth tubing behind it that was traveling too close to the boat launch. The officer spoke to the boat owner, who was entertaining a soccer team, and told her to ­limit the trips to the dock to change out the tubers.



Disorderly conduct. A pedestrian in the 6400 block of 7th Street flagged down an officer and told him a man driving a white Chevy Suburban had flipped him off on several recent occasions, possibly because of a driving incident. The pedestrian said he was considering disorderly conduct charges if it continues. Attempts to contact the driver of the Suburban were unsuccessful.



Watercraft violation. A boater on the St. Croix River was cited for loud exhaust after an officer used a sound meter to check the level. The boater told police he had been cited before for the same infraction.



Suspicious situation. A man was found standing upstairs in a home under construction in the 6800 block of Lydia Lane. The man told the owner and her builder, who were at the site, that he was working for one of the painters on the project. The owner reported that the man left after the conversation. The builder did not know him and stated that there was no reason for anyone to be there.


Parking violation. A woman was cited for misuse of a handicapped parking placard in the 9100 block of Hudson Road. She parked in a handicapped spot using a placard she told an officer was her boyfriend's. He was not there and she was not handicapped. The officer confiscated the placard.


Suspicious activity. Police were contacted by someone who was receiving text messages for "Alex," the previous holder of their phone number. The texts appeared to be drug-related. Police contacted the sender of the messages advising that drug use is illegal and dangerous and that "Alex" no longer had that phone number.

Items are selected from police reports and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime in a neighborhood or community.