MAY 31

Theft report. A trolling motor was stolen off a boat docked at a residence in the 5000 block of Stillwater Boulevard.


MAY 31

Suspicious person. A resident in the 80 block of Dellwood Avenue reported a woman digging in the resident's garbage. The woman was gone by the time police arrived.

Watercraft violation. The operator of a watercraft on White Bear Lake was cited for not having an operator permit for ages 14-17. He was also given warnings for having expired registration and being on the water less than one hour before sunset.


MAY 31

Texting and driving. An officer observed a driver texting while she was driving in the area of 12th Street and 3rd Avenue. The driver didn't deny she was texting and told the officer she thought it was only illegal in California. She was given a citation.


MAY 30

River complaint. Police received a call about a buoy submerged in the St. Croix River south of the Interstate 94 bridge. The caller was concerned it might be dangerous to boaters.


MAY 28

Disturbance. Two juveniles were reportedly yelling obscenities at passing vehicles in the 500 block of Grospoint Avenue. An officer located one of the juveniles and discussed how his behavior could be considered disorderly conduct. The juvenile told the officer he would work on his behavior in public.

MAY 30

Suspicious persons. A woman reported to police that while loading her vehicle in the parking lot of the Menards at 3205 Hadley Av., a man in a blue Menards vest without a name tag assisted. When she got home and started unloading her vehicle the same man approached and asked her a sexually suggestive question. She yelled at him to leave and he did in a gold midsize vehicle. Police checked with Menards employees who said they didn't know of an employee matching the suspect's description.

MAY 31

Animal complaint. Police received a report of possible cruel treatment of two dogs in the 3800 block of Hale Avenue. The complainant told police the owner was moving and had left the dogs in the garage, occasionally returning to let them out. Police contacted the owner who said she stops by at least four times a day. She said she will be finished moving in two days and the dogs will be gone. The dogs appeared in good health and had food and water. No criminal activity was observed.


MAY 31

Attempted scam. A man in the 13000 block of 10th Street reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be his nephew. The caller said he had been arrested in the Dominican Republic for drug possession and needed the man to wire him $2,400. Instead of sending any money, the man contacted his grandson in Bemidji, who goes by the same name the caller used, and found out he was fine.



Driving complaint. An officer stopped the driver of a vehicle which was southbound on St. Croix Trail at Stonebridge Trail after she crossed the centerline. The driver told the officer she was tired from working all day and it may have affected her driving. Nothing suspicious was found or observed.


Dumping complaint. A couch was dumped in a ditch near a residence in the 9000 block of Otchipwe Court. The caller told police some metal shelves also had been dumped there recently.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.