MAY 16

Suspicious noise. Someone complained about loud noises in the area near Wagner's Garden Center, 4860 Frenchman Road, around 10:20 p.m. Police located a crew taking down a tent nearby.


MAY 18

Dumping complaint. Two juvenile males were reported dumping a dishwasher from a black SUV in the area of 36th Street and Irwin Avenue and then speeding away.


MAY 16

Theft report. A woman in the 500 block of Quinlan Avenue reported someone siphoned gas from her truck.


MAY 13

Shoplifting/driving after revocation. A 26-year-old man was cited for shoplifting after he was caught trying to take disposable needles and syringes from Mills Fleet Farm, 5635 Hadley Av. The officer on the scene then observed the man start to drive away after he had been advised not to drive because his license had been revoked. When he was stopped, the man told the officer he had no other choice. He was cited for driving after revocation. Someone with a valid license arrived to drive him away.

Suspicious activity. Police received a report of someone taking a bike, putting it into a vehicle and driving away at the Oakdale Library, 1010 Heron Av. The complainant was unable to provide a description of the person, and an officer did not find a victim in the area.


MAY 20

Suspicious activity. A woman in the 2000 block of Quentin Avenue reported a man in an SUV putting fliers in mailboxes in the area. She said she thought it was a violation and didn't feel safe. Police advised her the man was not taking anything from the mailboxes or tampering with them.


MAY 15

Neighbor complaint. Police checked on a report of someone shooting guns in the 16000 block of Scandia Trail. Police advised the complainant the two young men in their neighbor's yard were safely taking target practice. Police also advised the men who were shooting to be considerate of the neighbors.


MAY 17

Suspicious activity. Police were called to the area of Chatham Road and Kimberly Road on a report of two individuals on bicycles riding around with junk they had picked up in the neighborhood. Police made contact with the two individuals, who said they found some brush and were taking it to their fire pit.


MAY 16

Coyote concern. A man called police after he, his family and their dog were stalked by a coyote while out for a walk in the 8600 block of Savanna Oaks Bay. The man said the coyote would not stop following them and "had that look." An officer informed the man of strategies for dealing with coyotes.

Found animal. Someone in the 3400 block of Churchill Drive reported finding two baby ducks in the same spot that Woodbury police had removed some ducks the day before. An officer removed and released the ducklings in a pond near Woodbury High School.

MAY 19

Found person. An officer located a woman who had been reported missing from Presbyterian Home, 8725 Promenade Lane; she was walking in the 9700 block of Valley Creek Road. The woman told the officer she got lost when she went out for a walk and thought she could go farther than she usually does. She was returned home in good physical condition and hungry for lunch.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.