FEB. 23

Snowmobile violation. A snowmobiler was cited for speeding on the St. Croix River. The driver, who was travelling in excess of 70 mph, told police he was unaware of Minnesota's maximum speed limit of 50 mph for snowmobiles . He was also riding without a safety certificate.


FEB. 18

Lost child/Found child. Someone in the area of the Carpenter Nature Center, 12805 St. Croix Trail, reported finding a lost 6 year old. She was returned to her grandmother after getting lost playing with her cousin.


FEB. 21

Illegal parking. A warning was left on a vehicle that was parked and blocking traffic in the area of Rosemary Way and Victor Hugo Boulevard. The vehicle had not been moved several days later so it was towed.


FEB. 22

Possible break-in. A woman in a residence in the 11000 block of 7th Street lane became alarmed when she heard other people in home. She called her father who called the police after telling her to jump out of the window. The people in the home turned out to be two family friends who the daughter was not aware were still there.


FEB. 21

Suspicious activity. A resident in the 500 block of Homewood reported a woman coming to her door and asking if she'll open the garage so she can go inside. The resident declined and the woman walked off.


FEB. 22

Vehicle stuck in snowbank. A vehicle was reported stuck in a snowbank in a parking lot in the area of Square Lake Trail and Paul Avenue. The driver was from out of town and unfamiliar with snow. A tow truck was called to get the vehicle out of the snowbank.


FEB. 17

Suspicious activity. A man dressed in black brandishing two swords was reported to police in the 22000 block of Peabody Trail. The man, who lives in the neighborhood, said he was practicing tai chi and the swords were plastic.


FEB. 15

Shots fired. A man in the 1000 block of Delano Way told police he heard what appeared to be two shotgun blasts and then observed two bald eagles fly away from a tree in a nearby park.The birds did not appear to be injured. Police were unable to confirm someone was shooting at the birds.

FEB. 19

Criminal damage to property. Police received multiple reports of vehicles that had their windows shot out overnight throughout Stillwater.


FEB. 15

Sledding concern. A resident in the 6600 block of Stratford Road called police concerned about a man and two children sledding into a nearby pond. An officer advised her the pond only needed a minimum of 4 inches of ice to be safe which she acknowledged it did.

FEB. 18

Panhandler in lot. Police responded to a report of a woman on a motorized scooter begging for money in the Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot, 8293 Tamarack Village. The officer reported having to brake to avoid hitting her as she cut in and out of the traffic lanes without looking. The woman was trespassed from the Tamarack Village shopping complex due to past panhandling problems at other stores.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.