DEC. 16

Theft of cigarettes. A woman tried to pay for a pack of cigarettes at the Holiday Station store at 12370 Point Douglas Drive with a Visa gift card but was $5.11 short. She told the clerk she was going to her truck to get the money but got into the vehicle and took off without paying.


DEC. 12

Ordinance violation. Police were told of someone on a lime green snowmobile driving on the road in the area of Freedom Drive and Farnham Avenue. Police found the driver and advised him to follow snowmobiling ordinances.

DEC. 16

Snowmobile violation. The driver of a snowmobile in the area of 170th Street and Ingersoll Avenue was mailed a citation for not having a safety certificate and given a verbal warning for not having a working brake light.


DEC. 20

Neighbor complaint. Police checked into concerns that a resident in the 9000 block of 45th Street was applying an ash-like material to land on his farm. He explained that it was potash, made from wood chips without any chemicals.


DEC. 15

Deer in roadway/deer tag request. A deer tag was issued for a deer that had been killed in an accident with a vehicle on St. Croix Trail near 12th Street. The person requesting the deer tag was not involved in the accident.


DEC. 17

Railroad stop arm violation. The driver of a vehicle in the area of Ideal Avenue and 31st Street was given a citation for failing to stop at a railroad crossing. The driver told police she saw the flashing signals too late to stop.

DEC. 19

Harassing phone calls. An 81-year-old woman complained that a drunk man kept calling her looking for a Perkins restaurant. Police advised the man to stop calling and gave him the number for the Perkins he was trying to reach.

Assisting the public. A woman at Regions Hospital could not remember if she closed the garage door at her home on Granada Avenue. Police found the door closed and no criminal activity.

Assisting a family. Police went to a home on Gershwin Avenue on a report of an overdue male. The 89-year-old man had left at 2:30 p.m. to go to Walgreens and called his daughter at 5 p.m. to say he was lost. An officer pinged the man's cellphone to try to locate him. He eventually arrived home at 6:30.


DEC. 14

Dog ordinance violation. While on routine patrol an officer found a golden retriever running loose in the area of 228th Street and Meadowbrook Avenue. The owner was contacted and asked police to drop the dog off in his yard, which they did.


DEC. 16

Armed male. Police responded to a report of a man in a leopard print outfit with a rifle on Stagecoach Trail between 22nd Street and the railroad tracks. Officers made contact with several hunters in the area dressed in camouflage who told them they were done hunting for the day.


DEC. 11

Injured duck. Police assisted a woman who had questions about what to do with an injured duck she had brought to her home on Regatta Drive. After talking with police, the woman, who had placed the duck in her bathtub, agreed to take the bird to the Humane Society for an evaluation.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.