DEC. 3

Vandalism. Employees of Comcast reported that someone had hooked a line of fiber cable and dragged out 200 feet before breaking it off in the 12000 block of 127th Street. Police speculated that whoever did it was looking for copper.


NOV. 29

Suspicious activity. A resident in the 11000 block of Ironwood Avenue reported that a man in a black truck had stopped in the driveway. The man asked if the person had any gas and left when told no. Police were unable to find the vehicle in the area.


NOV. 27

Noise disturbance. Police advised construction workers in the area of 159th Street and Fenson Street of a complaint that the music they were playing was keeping a baby from sleeping. The workers agreed to turn it down.


NOV. 27

Lost load. Lumber fell from a pickup truck on Hwy. 36 near Lake Elmo Avenue. Washington County officers assisted with traffic while members of the State Patrol helped get the lumber out of the way.


NOV. 30

Assist other agency/K-9 assistance. Officers from the Washington County Sheriff's Office assisted officers from Wisconsin's St. Croix County and the U.S. Marshals Service in apprehending two fugitives who had crossed into Minnesota via Interstate 94. The suspects crashed their vehicle in the parking lot of LA Fitness at 7360 33rd St. in Oakdale. One suspect was taken into custody at that point. The other was found in a locker room inside LA Fitness, where he was captured.


NOV. 27

Safety concern. A man ice fishing on a pond near Katherine Abbott Park, 1000 Lincolntown Av., yelled to police checking on him that he was OK and the ice was thick enough to support him.


NOV. 26

Burglary. Someone stole a computer worth $1,800 from a business in the 1300 block of Geneva Avenue by breaking into the building through an exterior soffit and entering through the ceiling tiles.

NOV. 29

Disturbance. Two juveniles and a 20-year-old woman reported to police that while they were walking in the 6200 block of 11th Street a woman stopped her vehicle, got out and started yelling at them. The woman told police that the group was walking in the middle of the road and not moving. Police advised all parties to call 911 if something like this happens again.

Assisting the public. An officer was dispatched to the Holiday station, 1025 Hadley Av., on a report of a $30.27 gas drive-off. The officer contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, who believed she had paid at the pump. She returned to pay for the gas and received a tutorial from an employee on how to use the gas pumps.


NOV. 29

Animal concern. A neighbor of the owner of three loose horses in the area of 120th Street and Otchipwe Avenue agreed to contain the animals in his yard until their owner could be contacted.


DEC. 2

Damage to property. A mailbox was removed from the ground and damaged in the 1000 block of Omaha Avenue. A neighbor told police he had scared off three juveniles who had taken it.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime in a neighborhood or community.