OCT. 22

Loose goats. Four goats were reported loose in the road in the area of Elmcrest Avenue and 170th Street. By the time police arrived they had been caught.


OCT. 25

Loose horse/Missing rider. Police were called to the Lake Elmo Park Preserve, 1515 Keats Av., on a report of a horse without its rider. The two were reunited after Park staff contained the horse and the rider, uninjured, was found.

OCT. 28

Traffic stop/drugs. Police pulled over a vehicle with one of its headlights burned out in the area of Stillwater Boulevard and Manning Avenue and noticed a bag on the center console. The bag contained a small amount of marijuana. An empty bottle of rum and a marijuana pipe were also found. The driver was cited for the open bottle and the pipe and given a verbal warning about the marijuana.


OCT. 22

Improper seatbelt use. An officer pulled over a vehicle in the area of Stillwater Road and Hallam Avenue after observing the driver not wearing a seatbelt. When he made contact with the driver he was wearing a seatbelt. He was cited for a seatbelt violation anyway.


OCT. 25

Dog-at-large complaint. Police received a report of a German Shepherd running loose and almost getting hit by a vehicle in the 12000 block of Queens Way. Police contacted the dog's owner who didn't know the dog was in the road.


OCT. 25

Speeding. Police cited a driver for going 64 mph in a 55 mph zone on Scandia Trail near Parrish Road.


OCT. 20

Animal assistance. An officer set a live trap and caught a cat hiding under the porch of a home in the 200 block of Harriet Street. The owner of the cat, who also lives at the home, could not get it to come out from under the porch.

OCT. 21

Suspicious activity. A man on a motorcycle was reportedly harassing one of the employees at the Petco at 2080 Market Drive. The man had been in the store three times in a hour flirting with the employee. He was not there when police arrived.


OCT. 23

Suspicious activity. Police received a call from someone concerned about a vehicle with a bike rack parked overnight in the 15000 block of Hudson Boulevard. The caller told police a woman usually parks the vehicle there and bikes on the trails but never returned overnight. Police checked the trail and eventually contacted the woman, who said she was alright. She said she commutes on her bike from there and hadn't left the vehicle overnight.

OCT. 27

Goose baiting. Police checked on a report of hunters baiting geese with a pile of feed in the area of 30th Street and Manning Avenue. Police found a goose blind and decoys in the area but nothing illegal.


OCT. 24

Traffic violation. A driver in the area of Bailey Road and Monticello Drive was cited for following another vehicle too closely.

OCT. 27

Careless driving. A driver, alone in a vehicle with only an instructional permit, was given a citation for careless driving after driving into the side of a garage in the 6900 block of Ashwood Road.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.