OCT. 5

K-9 assistance. At the request of officials at St. Croix Preparatory Academy, 4260 Stagecoach Trail, a police dog sniffed lockers, classrooms and vehicles on school property. Nothing was found.


OCT. 9

Fertilizer complaint. Police received a call from someone concerned about too much fertilizer along Jamaca Avenue near Julianne Avenue. The complainant said there were large fertilizer pellets and burned-out grass in the area.


OCT. 8

Stolen motorcycle. A man trying to sell a stolen motorcycle in the parking lot of the Blue Heron Grill, 14725 Victor Hugo Blvd., was captured with the help of a police dog after a short foot pursuit.


OCT. 9

Theft of newspaper. Someone in the 8000 block of 59th Street reported to police they haven't been getting their newspaper for several days and believe it is being stolen.

OCT. 10

Suspicious activity. Police received a report of men from a landscaping company taking water out of Lake Demontreville at the boat launch. Police contacted the men, who explained they had an arrangement with the DNR allowing them to pump some water out of the lake.


OCT. 13

Suspicious activity. A counterfeit $50 bill was passed at Olives Pizza, 11 Judd St.

OCT. 12


School bus violation. A warning letter was sent to the driver of a vehicle that drove through a school bus stop arm on Manning Avenue and 148th Street.


OCT. 8

Driving violations. Police stopped the driver of a vehicle in the 5600 block of Hadley Avenue N. for failing to signal a turn. The officer determined the driver had a suspended sentence and knowingly provided an invalid insurance card. The driver admitted that the vehicle had no insurance.

OCT. 9

Suspicious person. Police were able to persuade a man contemplating suicide off the 15th Street overpass over Interstate 694 not to go through with it.


OCT. 11

Dog at large. A large dog was reported in a swimming pool in the 10000 block of Pawnee Avenue. The complainant said the dog was growling. The animal had shaken itself off and was gone by the time officers arrived.


OCT. 7

Illegal use of plates. The driver of a vehicle in the 11000 block of Valley Creek Road admitted to an officer that due to financial difficulties he had taken a November 2012 license tab and put it over the February 2012 license tab on his license plates to avoid registration fees. He was cited for the violation, the vehicle was impounded and the plates were seized.

OCT. 11

Suspicious vehicle. Someone complained to police about a van with two to four occupants that had been in the area of Havenwood Circle and Columbia Court for three hours. Police contacted the occupants of the van, who were going door to door for the Clean Water Action organization. They were advised to cease their activities for the evening.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime in a neighborhood or community.