AUG. 23

Juvenile complaint. Police checked on a report of three or four skateboarders riding down a hill in traffic in the area of 50th Street and St. Croix Trail. Police made contact with the skateboarders, advised them of the ordinance about skateboarding in the street and asked them to leave, which they did.


AUG. 23

Recreational vehicle complaint. Police received a complaint about juveniles riding 4- wheelers, dirt bikes and scooters in the road in the 4000 block of Odegard Avenue. An officer spoke to a juvenile at a residence with a dirt bike in the garage. The juvenile admitted to riding the bike on the road and was advised about the recreational vehicle ordinance.


AUG. 23

Turkey stalking complaint. Residents in the 8000 block of 37th Street reported a wild turkey in their yard that attacked their dog and was acting aggressively towards them. The complainant said the turkey had been around for a couple of weeks because their neighbor was feeding it.

AUG. 24

Theft of trees. A new homeowner in the 11000 block of 30th Street called police after seeing some workers digging up trees in their yard. Police determined that the previous owner had an arrangement with a nursery to maintain the trees and this was a civil, not criminal, issue.

Trespassing complaint. Three young males were reported trespassing on the property of the Carmelite Monastery, 8251 Demontreville Trail. The males had arrived by boat at the property but both they and the boat were gone by the time police arrived.


AUG. 24

Neighbor dispute. Police responded to a call about a property line dispute in the 70 block of Pine Street. When police arrived, the parties having the dispute were separated and calm. One of the neighbors was having a rock wall built near the property boundary. Despite being informed it has been an ongoing issue, police advised both parties it was not a police matter.


AUG. 19

Counterfeit bills. A box containing bogus $50 and $100 bills was found in the area of 10th Street and Hadley Avenue and turned over to police.


AUG. 23

Loose pig. An officer spotted a pig in the road in the 10000 block of Mayberry Trail and notified the owner.


AUG. 20

Suspicious activity. An unused condom was found inside a mailbox in the 14000 block of 100th Street. It was the second time this had happened in two weeks.

AUG. 21

Dumping complaint. Police received a report of workers dropping metal objects into the St. Croix River off the Arcola High Bridge. Police contacted a worker who said they were replacing rivets on the bridge and perhaps some missed the catch they had set up and had fallen into the river.


AUG. 21

Forgery report. A woman was arrested after using a forged prescription to fill an order for codeine at the HealthPartners clinic at 8450 Season Parkway. Another bottle of the substance that had been obtained from a clinic in Inver Grove Heights was turned over by an accompanying friend of the woman.

AUG. 23

Animal concern. Police checked on a flock of geese in the area of Tamarack Road and Commerce Drive. A pickup truck had reportedly driven through it, but the geese appeared to be fine.

Items are selected from reports made to police and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime in a neighborhood or community.