Quaids, unwhacked, in Vancouver yesterday (AP Photo)

Quaids, unwhacked, in Vancouver yesterday (AP Photo)

Start your day the PopCrush way, with the brisk, refreshing taste of Quaid! It’s the latest piece of scofflaw behavior from the fugitive duo. Did you know our blog software autocompletes something if it recognizes what you're typing? I typed "warrants issued" and the software filled in "for scofflaw Quaids." It's like the machines were programmed by an evil cabal of businessmen who make money by assassinating celebrities. Anyway:

They had been scheduled to appear for an arraignment on felony vandalism charges, but for the third time in two weeks, failed to appear.

The result was an arrest warrant issued for Evi Quaid, who also forfeited $500,000 bail. The judge agreed to hold off on issuing a warrant for Randy Quaid's arrest until Nov. 16 so that he could attend a Canadian immigration proceeding next week.

With a string of missed court appearances and bizarre behavior both in and out of the courthouse, that hearing may give the Quaids their last chance to address the vandalism case voluntarily. Their attorney, Robert Sanger, acknowledged Tuesday that there is talk of bounty hunters pursuing his clients.

That’s just what this case needs: send big beefy tattooed pros to shanghai two people convinced the mob is out to get them.

Elsewhere in Delusionland:

A fan of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" relentlessly harassed one of the television show's stars, approaching her on filming locations and composing creepy missives about her on the Internet, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday in opening statements at his trial.

Charles Nagel of Philadelphia is charged with interstate stalking, stemming from his "obsession" with actress Kathryn Erbe, Assistant U.S. Attorney Allon Lifshitz told jurors in federal court in Brooklyn.

When Erbe tried to ignore Nagel, he grew angry and tried to confront her, the prosecutor said.

 Defense attorney Robert Datner called his client "an interesting character" who meant no harm.

Sure. Ever see “Cape Fear,” Mr. Attorney? Max Cady was an interesting character, too.

Imagine the frustration of someone who’s trying to stalk the Quaids right now. Really, I’m a fan, not a star-whacker. Surely you can see the difference. I don’t think anyone would stalk them individually. It’s apparent they come as a set.

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