Tonight’s GOP presidential debate at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire is being billed at Rick Perry’s big chance to rebound against establishment frontrunner Mitt Romney after a series of shaky debate performances on the part of the Texas governor.
For Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann, who has fallen precipitously since her big win in the Iowa straw poll in August, the debate offers a chance to make some gesture or utterance that might grab the spotlight, which has been on Herman Cain in recent weeks.
With Sarah Palin and Chris Christie out of the picture, the field, as they say, is now set. But it is still very much in flux, with nearly three months to go before a single real vote is cast.
The Dartmouth debate will focus on the economy. But since it’s not sponsored by Fox, CNN or any of the three big broadcast outlets, interested viewers will have to look a little harder to see the exchange, which starts at 7 p.m. central.
It will be broadcast “around the globe” by Bloomberg Television and streamed online by and
To find a Bloomberg station in your area, click here.
For additional information from Dartmouth College, go here.


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