Six days have gone by since the Timberwolves' 17-victory season ended and no word yet on the future of Kurt Rambis.

Don't hold your breath.

This thing probably will stretch on into next week at least.

David Kahn left on Thursday for league meetings in New York and now I believe he's back home in Portland for much of this week. I'm not sure if he and Rambis have met yet to discuss the future, other than the exit meetings with players that they held together last week.

Much like how the Kevin McHale decision played out over days and weeks the last time, I expect this one to end with word that Rambis and his staff wont be back.

But you never know...

At issue still is whether Glen Taylor is willing to pay Rambis $4 million to go away and then pay a new coach quite possibly well more than Rambis was making with a lockout looming.

Either way, it's not right to let a guy who has eight NBA title rings back in his drawer at home to twist in the wind like this

Btw, I've tried Rambis' agent several times but doesn't look like he wants to talk right now..

Some other stuff:

* Look for Kevin Love to be named the league's Most Improved Player any day now.

The NBA on Monday announced Dwight Howard again as the Defensive Player of the Year and it looks like Lamar Odom will be get the Sixth Man award in L.A. today.

I expect Love to be the runaway winner for MIP and so does just about everybody else.

* There was more bad news for the Wolves on Monday when Harrison Barnes announced he is heading back to North Carolina for his sophomore season next year.

The Wolves own two picks in the June draft's top 20 selection after Memphis lost a blind draw with New Orleans last week and got the 20th overall pick, which the Wolves possess from last summer's Al Jefferson trade to Utah.

Ohio State's Jared Sullinger and Baylor's Perry Jones already had announced they'll go back to school.

That takes three potential Top 5 picks out of the draft and will leave the Wolves choosing from Duke's Kyrie Irving and Arizona's Derrick Williams if they get one of the top two picks.

Those two players, by the way, are a point guard and power forward, two positions at which the Wolves already are invested with Kevin Love already here and Ricky Rubio being pursued hard for months and months.

What are they gonna do if they should get the No. 1 pick for the first time and Irving is the obvious pick?

Logic says choose Irving and trade Rubio, but my gut tells me they'd look to trade the pick.

* If Rambis doesn't return as coach, who do they hire?

Good question.

Somebody tweeted me asking about Rick Adelman. He's a great coach, but I can't see a guy at his age (65, 66) wanting to tackle a job like this. There was some Internet speculation asking whether he could end up as the Lakers' next coach.

Best bet is he ends up in a job much closer to that one than this one, although he has known Love for years. Adelman attended almost every game Love played his senior year of high school because Adelman's son played on the same team in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

CBS Sports Ken Berger put Milwaukee assistant Kelvin Sampson's name out there weeks ago. He'd get consideration but there's also six or seven other similar guys out -- fiery, motivational is the way they'll probably go next -- also on their list. Now who they are...

Two guys Kahn interviewed the last time were Portland assistant Monty Williams and Houston assistant Elston Turner. Williams is doing pretty darn well in his rookie season as New Orleans' head coach and Turner very well could replace Adelman as Rockets head coach.

I don't think there's much of any chance that current Wolves assistants Bill Laimbeer or Reggie Theus get considered.

If Rambis is fired, a new coach certainly would be hired by the draft, right?

You all rememeber the last time, right? That's when Kahn was hired in late May and determined he didn't have enough time in the new job to make the right decision on a new coach until August. He drafted two point guards back-to-back with the fifth and sixth picks in the June draft and then hired a coach whose system doesn't emphasize that position.

You'd think this time they'd get a new coach in place in plenty of time, but, well, you just never know...

That's it for now.

Stay tuned on Love's MIP award and Rambis' future.




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