You may want to add this to the list of questions you haven’t posed today. From Topless Robot:

Remember back when people thought Vanilla Ice was the worst famous person who could possibly be associated with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


Nevertheless, here you are:

SPACE i09 notes something you may have missed, and which apparently missed us:

Last night, a giant asteroid was supposed to streak by the Earth, close enough for us to catch a glimpse as it zipped by. Except it never showed, and now astronomers say they have no idea just where the 900-foot asteroid has gone.

It got lost.

URBAN DESIGN The movement to tear down urban freeways has a new cause celebere: the viaduct that rips through Syracuse. Some people want it demolished. Some people who use it do not. Atlantic Cities:

The I-81 viaduct will reach the end of its functional life in 2017, and the New York State Department of Transportation has decided that it is not worth the cost of rehabilitation. One way or another, the viaduct is coming down. City leaders (snip) along with downtown developers and advocates for smart growth, would like to see I-81 rerouted around Syracuse and replaced with a landscaped boulevard. But suburban business-owners and many of the 45,000 drivers who use the highway to commute fear that any change could hurt the local economy. It's a debate that goes beyond the immediate question of how Syracuse workers will get to work — to what kind of city Syracuse will be in the 21st century.

If I had unlimited billions at my disposal I’d cover up the 35W trench and put in a long park with housing, repairing the gash that cleaved the neighborhoods. Just because the freeways made many things possible doesn’t mean it was an unalloyed good.

ARCHITORTURE Giz has a new list of beautiful buildings lost forever - and y “lost” I don’t mean “misplaced, but probably around here somewhere.” Lost as in deliberately demolished for reasons that seem appallingly short-sighted today. The Metropolitan, or the Guarantee Life, is on the list, as well as a municipal structure demolished for this:

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This may be the perfect image of 60s & 70s municipal architecture: a pathetic little bench under a concrete shell.

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LISTS City Pages has a list of 50 things to do in Minneapolis before you DIE. Such as:

27. Explain Scott Seekins to someone. The enigma that is Scott Seekins is such a fun thing to explain to out-of-towners, or any locals living under a rock. Who is Scott Seekins? Oh, just this man-about-town whose simple change from a black suit to a white suit marks the beginning of summer and brings joy to an entire city.

Funny - and true! - but I don’t think anyone on their deathbed will be scanning the list, hit #27, realize the ommision, and beg the nurse to lean close. “I need to tell you something. Listen closely.”