The parent

“They just dragged their feet. It didn’t seem like a high priority. ... We finally heard [the request was denied] during the girls’ state tournament. By that time, the season was over anyway.”

Tim Sweet, father of Champlin Park girls’ hockey player Alyssa Sweet, who was declared ineligible for two years.

The legislator

“Sometimes, the league takes a one-size-fits-all approach, and not everyone fits into that. I think there’s a need to take a look at individual situations more kindly for the sons and daughters of the people we represent.”

Rep. Bob Dettmer of Forest Lake, who requested the legislative audit.

The league

“We’ve become a target for people who point fingers because they don’t understand this whole process. Legislators don’t understand the process. There’s misinformation that’s presented that becomes fact.”

Dave Stead, high school league executive director

The schools

“Transfers are always controversial, especially when you look at them from a micro-level. When you’re talking about specific cases, you won’t ever get away from some contentiousness.”

Troy Urdahl, St. Anthony athletic director and high school league board member


“People tend to jump to assumptions because they don’t understand it. They have the ability to appeal. It’s all out there. Is it fair and equitable? I truly believe it is.”

Bucky Meiras, Orono athletic director