1. Rice finds end zone mismatch

A defensive concept seems flawed when a middle linebacker is responsible for covering Sidney Rice in the end zone. But that was Jasper Brinkley's assignment when Rice caught an 11-yard TD pass in the first quarter. Russell Wilson avoided pressure up the middle, scrambled to his right and hit Rice going left to right. Naturally, Rice was able to separate from a middle linebacker. "We were in a 'progression deep' defense," Brinkley said. "I got to cover that. It's tough, but I got to get the job done. I can get the job done. It can be Sidney, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson. That's my progression, and I got to be able to handle that."

2. They're 0-3 against rookie QBs?!

The Vikings might be the first team in memory to be glad they are done facing rookie quarterbacks for the season. Losing to Seattle dropped the Vikings to 0-3 against rookies Andrew Luck (Colts), Robert Griffin III (Redskins) and Wilson. Wilson's elusiveness and ability to make plays outside the pocket frustrated the Vikings. He finished with a 127.3 passer rating and was sacked only once. "He knows how to create windows for himself," defensive end Jared Allen said. "But when you run the ball for dang near 200 yards [195], like they did, the game is wide open for you as a quarterback." Combined passing numbers for Luck, RG3 and Wilson against the Vikings: 53-for-77 for 579 yards, six touchdowns, one interception and four sacks.

3. Walsh wanted a shot

With nine seconds left in the first half, Blair Walsh was "lobbying hard" to try what would have been an NFL-record 67-yard field goal. "But I don't think [coach Leslie Frazier] was too keen on that because there was a little too much time on the clock," Walsh said. "If I had missed it, they would have gotten the ball at our 44." Walsh said his range Sunday was "in the low 60s." With that in mind, the Vikings blew a scoring opportunity with some poor play-calling and clock management. There were 16 seconds left when Christian Ponder was sacked at the Vikings 49-yard line. Seven seconds ticked off before the Vikings took their last timeout, then they called a pass play to Michael Jenkins, who couldn't get out of bounds because tight end Allen Reisner missed a block. "The way Blair is kicking, we missed a big one there," Jenkins said.

4. Tough noggin

Rookie Josh Robinson found out the hard way that it's never a good idea for a sub-200-pound defensive back to go helmet to helmet with Seahawks RB/bull Marshawn Lynch. Robinson raced in for the big hit on a short dump-off to Lynch in the third quarter. "It was a time when you're reminded that you need to get lower in this league," Robinson said. Lynch kept going for a 3-yard gain while Robinson hit the turf and appeared dazed but stayed in the game. "Just a slight headache, but no concussion," Robinson said.

5. Jumpy linemen costly

Vikings defensive linemen jumped offsides twice on the touchdown drive that gave Seattle its 27-17 lead in the third quarter. Brian Robison jumped on third-and-10 from the Vikings 43, negating Kevin Williams' 9-yard sack that would have forced a punt. "It was just a foolish play by me," Robison said. "The offensive tackle yelled, 'Go,' and I went." Four plays later, Everson Griffen jumped on second-and-goal from the 6. Lynch scored on the next play. "I feel like a dope because I pride myself on not jumping offsides and I've done it twice this year," Robison said. "I'm just as much to blame for this loss as anyone."