Drew Magary lives in the Washington D.C. area and writes for several sites, including Deadspin.com. He is also a die-hard Vikings fan and demanded this morning that we revive what used to be a weekly feature here at RandBall following Vikings games called The Meltdown. We consented, because really sometimes we just can't wait for the comments section to be called "dumb." Sometimes we say things to him just to get him going. Can you guess which statements and/or questions were designed specifically to bait him? Here we go:

RandBall: Let's start at the top: Why don't I feel worse about this loss? I mean, it was a gut-wrenching finish, a game Minnesota dominated statistically (except for turnovers), yet here I am thinking this was not nearly as bad as 1998 or 2000. I feel guilty. I feel bad for not feeling worse. People think I'm crazy. In fact, in order of painful losses in terms of the last 4 NFC title games, I go like this: 1998, 2000, 1987, 2009.

Drew Magary: You're dumb. This game annoys me more and more every second I think about it. They won't have another team this good again far at least ten years. Guaranteed. Favre won't have another year this good if he returns. Pat Williams is getting older, and with him goes the great run D. If this team couldn't get the Super bowl, I don't know how another one will. Just a horrible, horrible loss. And the paralyzing fear that every play would result in a fumble just made it all the worse.

RB: I know you'll hate me for this, and I know he came up short at the end of that final drive, but I think Brad Childress made some pretty big strides this year.

DM: How so? When push came to shove, he screwed up the clock, just like he always does. Childress is like Andy Reid. He'll get us just far enough to lose a big game. I hate his guts.

RB: In your fantasy, what does Brett Favre do instead of throwing that pass across his body? In mine, he runs for 5 yards and Longwell nails a 51-yard field goal.

DM: WHY ARE WE SETTLING FOR A 51-YARD FIELD GOAL IN A HOSTILE STADIUM?!!! Do you understand how idiotic that strategy was? I'm sitting there while thirty seconds burn off the clock, and I'm just screaming at the TV WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU AREN'T [REDACTED] CLOSE ENOUGH!

RB: Aside from the penalties [ed note: I meant fumbles] and the agonizing sequence at the end of regulation, one play sticks out in my mind: the Vikings had a great chance to intercept Brees on a 2nd down play in OT when the ball was jarred loose from Colston, but the ball slipped away.

DM: I still think the fumble at the end of the first half was a million times worse. Punch it in there, and the odds of winning skyrocket. It was a horrible fumble, and it tarnishes Peterson forever, far as I was concerned. Worst of all, at the end of the game, I succumbed and was dumb enough to believe this team had some sort of stupid "magic" that would end with Favre driving them for a field goal. I actually bought into that crap, which is DUMB AND HORRIBLE.

RB: The defensive line didn't come up big enough.

DM: They were all hurt. The defense held the Saints fairly well. This game was lost because of the turnovers. I blame this D for nothing, especially when they mad all those great 3rd down stops.

RB: I have a crazy friend who says it's wrong to eat meat. Is he crazy?

DM: Just ignorant. You see, Michael, your friend has never heard of the food chain!

RB: Though there were officially zero lost fumbles credited to Adrian Peterson yesterday, his butterfingers have reached crisis level. Seriously, it's to the point where every fan I know cringes when he touches the ball. People don't trust him. This is a huge issue, and I don't know what can be done about it other than for Peterson to STOP FUMBLING THE [REDACTED] BALL.

DM: Agreed. I would have had no problem if hadn't returned to the game. And the worst part is, it's not like he doesn't know. He's doing all he can to NOT fumble, yet he still does.

RB: We're now officially in the "will Favre come back" meat grinder. While we can be optimistic and think he might make a reasonably quick decision (which me might actually do this time around), the questions are: 1) Do you think he'll come back, 2) Do you want him to come back and 3) If he doesn't come back, what is your course of action. For me, he's about 50/50 on coming back for one more try. If they would have made it to the Super Bowl, I think he would have retired for sure. I would certainly want him back, even if he won't have the same season he just had. If he doesn't come back, a play for McNabb and the drafting of a new young QB are top priorities.

DM: The problem is that Childress still wants T-Jack to get a chance to start for a whole year. So the longer Favre plays, the longer that horrible year of T-Jack is pushed back. Yes, I think Favre will come back. I also don't think he'll be anywhere near as good as he was this year.

RB: Other than figuring out the QB spot, what are the other offseason priorities?

DM: Offensive line, Secondary, interior d-line depth.

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