Since their inception in 1961, the Minnesota Vikings have had some excellent starts as well as long winning streaks, to accent their history. Here are a few seasons to ponder...

1969, the first Super Bowl visit. The Vikings began with a 24-23 loss at the New York Giants. They then reeled off twelve straight wins, their all-time record. Losing the last game ended the season at 12-2.

1970, the Vikings lost Week 3, 13-10 at Green Bay. But during that year they then had a seven game winning streak. They would finish 12-2 only to loses their first playoff game.

1971, the Vikings lost Week 2, 17-20 at Chicago. Later they strung a five game winning streak, but like 1970, lost in the first playoff game. That year the Vikings went 11-3.

1973, the Vikings won nine straight to start the season, their best start ever to date. They lost in Week 10 17-20 on a controversial call involving Bob Lee, who stepped out of bounds before replay. I remember this game because I cried myself to sleep that Monday Night. Minnesota would go on to lose the Super Bowl. The regular season record was 12-2.

1974, the Vikings won their first five games. They went to the Super Bowl that year, too. And they lost again. Final season record: 10-4.

1975, the Vikings won ten straight to start the season, their best all-time. They lost in Week 11 at Washington 31-30. They also lost in the first round of the playoffs.. I do not want to talk about that one. Regular season record: 12-2.

1976, the Vikings started 6-0-1 before losing in Week 8 to Chicago 14-13. They returned to the Super bowl only to lose for a fourth time. The regular season record was 11-2-1.

1998, the Vikings started the season with seven straight wins, before a Week 9 loss at Tampa Bay 27-24. The team went on to a 15-1 season record, their best ever. Somehow they tossed away a playoff game versus the Atlanta Falcons and lost in the Conference Title game. That one hurt almost as bad as the 1975 loss.

This year we are 4-0 out of the gate. Week Five finds Minnesota at St. Louis, the team that most can bet against and win money so far in 2009. The Rams lack talent and they are injured, a difficult combination. Odds suggest that we will move to 5-0 and begin to alert the fans to another season like the ones above. How we end is anyone's guess. Just so we do not lose another Super Bowl. I am not sure I could take that.



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