In what comes as no surprise, the Vikings didn't give tenders to restricted free agents Lorenzo Booker and linebacker Kenny Onatolu. They're free to sign with any team.

That doesn't mean the Vikings won't eventually end up re-signing one or both of them. It just means that the team doesn't feel it needs to pay the financial security of a tender to two players that probably aren't going to have too many teams nibbling on their fishing line when free agency starts at 3 p.m.

Booker has some value as a secondary kick returner and a change-of-pace running back. But a role player like that can't fumble the ball the way Booker did in 2011 and expect to hang around long. 

Onatolu is strictly a special teams player. A good one, but not one that can't be replaced. When Onatolu has played linebacker during the preseason and in limited regular-season opportunities, he's simply made too many mistakes and has been caught out of position too often.

In other news as the world collectively breathes into a paper bag to avoid passing out from excitement just three hours from the start of free agency ...

  • Former Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson, released on Saturday, will be meeting soon with the Tennessee Titans. A signing there would reunite Hutch with former Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck and possibly entice a certain four-time NFL MVP QB to give Tennessee a second look.
  • Former Vikings linebacker Ben Leber will be working out with the Eagles.


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