Well, that escalated quickly.

After having watched just one preseason game Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla knows which team came out on top in free agency’s quarterback carousel.

It’s the Vikings.

The biggest loser just might be the Denver Broncos, because they didn’t land Kirk Cousins and instead signed Case Keenum.

Having paid an additional $10 million this season for Cousins’ services compared to those of Keenum and just beaten the Broncos 42-28 on Saturday, the Vikings, he writes, “could get fitted with Super Bowl rings with Cousins as their quarterback.”

Cousins was spectacular on Saturday during his one drive in which he went 4-for-4 for 42 yards and a touchdown.

Keenum, meanwhile, was just 1-for-4 for 5 yards.

“Keenum looked like a journeyman,” Kiszla wrote in ripping the former Viking while also noting there’s no debate that Cousins is better than Keenum. “Yes, he played only six snaps. But the Broncos went nowhere. The chains never moved.”

Kiszla pumped the brakes a bit from there, noting the Broncos no longer have a quarterback that their defense must “overcome” but that Keenum still has to prove he can inspire “confidence” in his teammates.

“The Broncos could go from 5-11 to the playoffs with Keenum as their quarterback. That’s good,” Kiszla wrote.

But what’s better, he writes, is the outlook for the Vikings and their $84 million man.

“You get what you pay for,” he concludes.

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