Are you ready to get your dander up, Vikings fans? Are you set to get those purple boxers in a bunch?

No, I'm not referring to the new rules surrounding what you can and cannot bring into NFL stadiums on game day – although said rules will surely enrage and confuse many.
I'm talking about a list published this week by that ranks the NFL's fan bases from the most-engaged to the least-engaged.
They came up with the rankings based on pure science – sort of. They employed an algorithm so the process sounds impressive and quite scientific. The metrics used in the formula included home and road attendance, ticket prices and some social media stats such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers. In other words, there was apparently no way to fully measure fan engagement 10 years ago.
The result: your Minnesota Vikings rank 21st out of 32 NFL teams in terms of fan hardcore-ness and passion.
According to this ranking, the Vikings have the least-engaged fans in the NFC North. In fact, only three NFC teams have less-engaged fans (the Cardinals, Rams and Buccaneers).
Making matters worse, the top-three teams in terms of fan-engagement per Ticket City are the Dallas Cowboys (who received a perfect score of 100.0), the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. That's salt in the wound right there. These are three of the most-hated NFL teams in these parts, according to my own extremely unscientific ranking based on no algorithms or fancy formulas.
I'm guessing some of you might disagree with this ranking. If so, please un-wad your boxers and sound off in the comments section below.
Bo Mitchell is the VP of Content at SportsData
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