Ricky Rubio's struggles in the EuroBasket tournament are no secret. Per an ESPN.com piece a few days ago:

Ricky Rubio acknowledged that the only statistic that truly counted was to be found in Spain's win column at EuroBasket. But the soon-to-be Minnesota Timberwolves point guard has failed to find any solution for his shooting woes since arriving in Lithuania. Lately, his lack of scoring has become an expectation rather than an aberration.

Through seven games, Rubio is averaging just 1.6 points in 17 minutes per game. He's taken just nine 3-point attempts and converted none. Such struggles became familiar sights last season to fans of FC Barcelona and elsewhere in Europe, where the 20-year-old lost his starting spot in the rotation and became stuck, hopelessly, in an offensive mire. The precociousness is still there: the behind-the-back passes, the clever fakes and the long arms that soak up steals. However, some think that the talent that the Wolves thought they were getting when they took the Spaniard with the No. 5 pick in the 2009 draft appears to have stagnated.

But friends, we are here to tell you that Rubio made a three-pointer today. It is captured via the magic of YouTube and was tweeted to us by a certain Andrew O. Please do have a look-see. Ricky has a beard. He makes a three. Good times.



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