A little Twitter back-and-forth just caught my eye.

First, from Jay Coogan, president of Minneapolis College of Art and Design:


Then Mallman's response:



Mallman, according to a recent Vita.mn article, majored in painting, video and performance art at MCAD, which edges 26th Street in Minneapolis. In his song, Mallman says, "On 26th Street/ I was 20 years old/ I dreamed about my first First Avenue show."

In that interview with Vita.mn, Mallman answered the question of how his degree influenced his career with this thought:

Art school is a perfect place for a free thinker who is self-motivated. However, manifesting those thoughts into something tangible isn't the easiest if you feel the world is working against you. This is why certain art-school grads end up bitter about the experience they had.

Check out the new video: