'Octodad' is a wild and crazy game

"Octodad: Dadliest Catch" ($15 for PC/Mac, PS4) matches a wacky premise — an octopus living among humans — with a purposefully obtuse set of controls. The idea is that it would probably be difficult to be a floppy octopus to walk on land and pass for human — and it is. Octodad happened to fall in love with a human woman and now has a lovely home and two precocious kids. The game's greatest feat is a complicated control scheme that asks the player to control Octodad's legs and arms individually. The result is a convincing simulation of how a creature with a lot of legs but no skeleton would stroll through a grocery store: hilariously. The game is at its strongest when your only instruction is "use the supermarket's self-checkout lane" and just leaves you to it. "Octodad" is one of the funniest games going.

Chicago Tribune