Wake up, Vault Dweller! “Fallout 4” ($60 for PS4, Xbox One and PC; rated Mature) is everything you’ve been waiting for — and more! Now get out there and explore. You know the drill: Forage for supplies; fight off enemies; complete quests. Go wherever you want. A whole, new, post-nuclear world awaits. And, hey, what’s a little radioactivity? A shot of Rad-Away will take care of that. But wait — that’s not all. Suit up in fully customizable powered armor. Enlist with militia to boost your offensive power. Build and foster communities filled with other survivors. Turn any piece of Cold War junk you find into something more useful. Even your surroundings can be repurposed. See a dead tree? Scrap it! Now you have loads of wood to help craft everything from a basic chair to a guard tower for your latest safe haven. We’re talking game of the year here — hours upon hours of entertainment. But an intelligent, perceptive, chrismatic person like you probably already guessed that. It’s all courtesy of Vault-Tec: Bringing you the best of yesterday’s tomorrow — today!