Like the sweet rides that populate EA’s flagship racer, “Need for Speed” ($60 for PS4, Xbox One, PC; rated Teen) looks stunning. Snappy live-action scenes help drive the rebuilt franchise’s narrative. But open the hood, and it’s a different story. Sure, you can customize the cars to your heart’s content, mind-numbingly so, but shouldn’t the actual racing be more fun? “Rubber band” AI is a big frustration, as rivals you left in the dust long ago suddenly zoom up behind you. Car handling can be annoyingly wonky, despite user-controlled options. The lack of an offline multiplayer mode — you know, competing against someone sitting next to you — continues to be a major demerit. Also, note that you’ll need a persistent Internet connection to play. Hardcore fans might put in the effort to master this one; others will be more content as passersby.