MANKATO -- Running back Adrian Peterson came away from Monday's team meeting with NFL officials more convinced than ever that he needs to abide by the new rule banning players from hitting with the crown of their helmet. The final selling point for Peterson came when the officials showed the Vikings the video that the league has put together to explain this year's new rules and points of emphasis.

In the video, top-of-the-helmet blows delivered by Peterson and Cleveland running back Trent Richardson are used as examples of plays that now will be a 15-yard penalty.

"I knew that I ducked my head and used my crown a lot, but the example they picked, they must have picked the worst one because I had my head all the way down," Peterson said. "You'd think I hit [the defender] with the back of my neck. That's how far my head was down."

Peterson said he and teammates asked the four officials a lot of questions. Obviously, Peterson asked a lot of questions about what a player can't do when it comes to hitting with the top of his helmet. Per the new rule, the hit must occur outside the tackle box and at least 3 yards downfield. The player delivering the blow must deliberately line up his target and then lower his head and hit with the crown of the helmet.

"How I'm going to attack it is just try to keep my head up at all times and not lower my head," Peterson said. "Not only because I could hurt someone else, but I could hurt myself as well. When I seen that play last night, you could sense how bad it could have been had I been hit the wrong way. So just being visual and seeing that, there is even more emphasis that I'm going to abide by that rule to protect myself."

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