In an increasingly difficult job market I have come to realize more and more that if I am going to get a job I am going to have to think outside the box and most importantly keep a positive attitude.

I have had more difficult challenges in my life and got through them, so I have to believe that as my Dad used to tell me: "This too shall pass".

I have put up affirmations on my refrigerator and desk that say boldly "You Will Get a Job". I need to minimize my anxiety so I have quit listening to TV or radio during the day. All that you hear is who got laid off and how bad the economy is.

I am still looking for part-time work because it will give more structure to my day and give me a sense of satisfaction and contribution, which I need to stay positive.

They say 80 percent of the jobs you get are from networking, so I went to a new network group last Monday and even though it was at 7:15 am in the morning it was the best group I have been to so far. The bad thing was that they announced they had the biggest group of new people today. The introduction class had about 70 people. But despite this challenge I try to keep on smiling.