It never fails, I get a new boat, I sell the Vexilars with the old boat,  and I want to install some new Vexilar flashers on either end of the new boat  to use as one of my primary "fish finders".  Then comes the fun part--trying to find the model I need/want after the ice melts.  Why is that such a problem?  I thank the ice fishing industry for that. 

Believe it or not, unless I order the unit(s)  from somewhere, I cannot simply go down to the sporting goods store and pick one up, or even find some of the accessories--because as I'm told by the sales people  "they will be back in stock for ice fishing in the Fall".    And then they look at me as if Im crazy for using a Vexilar on a boat!

What?!  Are you kidding me?  This is coming from "big name" stores by the way.  (makes me want to get a job at a sporting goods store to really help people get what they need)  Then the search begins, I start calling all of the "normal big name places" -I will not name.  After 12 phone calls,  I will order what I need from Vexilar directly or some small private suppliers I know.  In other situations,  I will find the actual flasher, but no high speed transducers--only "pucks" for ice fishing.  I have even been asked why I need a high speed "ducer" for ice fishing--and these are the supposed "pros" working in the electronics dept. giving advice to novice anglers?  Hmmm.  Reminds me of the time I asked for a "flippin stick" and the guy handed me a 5'4" jerk bait rod.  Hmmm.  (again, I should get a job in the fishing dept) 

Before ice fishing with flashers,  they were used on boats.  To this day I utilize my Vexilar flasher in the boat to find any fish, at any depth, and  at any speed to great accuracy.  Yes, I have a graph, but my eyes are glued to the flasher for the simple reason of the instant readings I get when I am searching or mapping out an area to fish--with no delay that comes with any graph type of unit.  The graph is also on, in case I am looking some where and miss a mark on the flasher--that's where the delay is handy--its still on the screen. And ofcourse there are countless situations where the graph is needed for a better interpretation of what is below the boat.  So why can I purchase a graph during the winter months but I cannot purchase a Vexilar flasher off the shelf during the open water season that's not an "ice fishing" package?  Because,  "they will be back in stock for ice fishing in the Fall"  

Oops, gotta go, Speedy Delivery just arrived with my 2 power cables for my spare FL-12's I had to order because nobody in St. Cloud ...or Rodgers carries them.  HUH?  Good Luck! Capt. Josh

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