When it comes to penguins, giant isn’t very big. Scientists at North Carolina State University have pieced together the skeleton of a prehistoric penguin called the Kairuku, formerly of New Zealand. It’s being referred to as a giant penguin even though it was only four feet tall. It’s relationship to the tallest living penguin species, the Emperor Penguin, is similar to your relationship, height-wise, to Kevin Love, the Timberwolves forward: We wouldn’t call Kevin a giant. I say pieced together because the original find in 1977 didn’t include enough bones for reconstruction. As more bones were found they were stashed away until the pile reached critical mass, and parts could be mated. The Kairuku is described as thin for a penguin, svelt even, not chubby like present-day penguins. There is no photo of this bird. And not of the bones either.


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