So it sounds like @BrettFavre4 was the real Brett Favre. Until it wasn't. At least that's what his people are telling ESPNMilwaukee's people:

Greetings Brett Favre fans,

Please accept our sincere apologies regarding the information that we passed along regarding Brett's new Twitter account last Friday, March 2nd. Since Monday, March 5th an unknown party has taken over Brettfavre4 and has been tweeting without authorization.

At this time neither Mr. Favre or ourselves have any idea who is tweeting for him on his account. It is most certainly NOT him or anyone he is associated with. From Friday evening until Sunday night last weekend this account was the actual Brett Favre Twitter page, and was the actual Brett Favre, himself tweeting. The last REAL tweet from Brett was to Russell Wilson Sunday evening. Anything after this was an imposter that somehow gained access to his account and began posting bogus tweets. Once again we apologize, and if any news comes up surrounding this disaster we will inform you all immediately.

On another note, we would like to let you know that it has been a very busy week for the Favres. Deanna unfortunately had a bad accident recently while riding her mountain bike, requiring some minor surgery, but she is recovering well. Luckily this incident will not interfere with her and Brett's upcoming trip to the Bahamas with their daughter Breleigh for her spring break. This is the second year in a row Brett has been able to do a family spring break trip, and he is thrilled!

Thanks for your support,

Official Brett Favre Admin

The crazy part is that Twitter verified (incorrectly) the @BrettFavre4 account. @Favre4Official is the real deal, or so it seems for now -- not that the tweets from that account actually sound like they are coming from him. Whomever was behind the fake tweets on the BrettFavre4 account has come clean (per the screen grab) and is no longer tweeting really boring things and carrying on conversations with Randy Moss. When you consider the comedic possibilities of a non-real Favre Twitter account that many believed was actually Favre, we have to say the ol' Gunslinger dodged a bullet. There's only one twitpic in the bunch, and it's totally safe for work.

In any event, if you see Brett and a hobbled Deanna in the Bahamas soon, say hello!

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