#7 Beretta Wind Barrier PF Sweater - it’s the single best piece of hunting clothing I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

Across the land, people are searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Sure, it’s a holiday made up by the greeting card companies; but hey, if FTD and Jared are going to brainwash our lovely wives into chocolates, calla lilies, and chokers, then us guys deserve to talk about our Valentine’s Day wish list too. So ladies, here it is; the outdoor guy’s top ten list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas.
1)      A Valentine’s Day shotgun. A guy can never have too many shotguns. It’s a proven fact. Every species deserves to be killed with the right gun. For me, I’ve got my eyes on the Franchi Renaissance Classic Over/Under 20 gauge. A more affordable route would be to buy your hubby a raffle ticket to one of Pheasants Forever’s gun-a-week raffles. Here’s a link to the raffle info in Minnesota or Iowa.
2)      New hunting boots. Every guy has their favorite, but my brand is Danner
3)      Hunting socks. A good pair of hunting socks are invaluable and there are a lot of worthless brands out there. I absolutely hate socks that slip down my calf. For my money, ScentLok makes the best socks despite their lofty prices.
4)      A good lid. Guys love hats. Guys also love sports. My favorite hunting hats blend the two. I have a blaze orange Detroit Tigers hat and a camo Detroit Tigers hat. Love them both! 
5)      Man’s One True Love. A Garmin Astro for the bird dog. Let’s face it ladies, a hunter’s first love will always be his trusty pup. Nothing says love like a GPS unit to keep that pup safe.
6)      A Guy’s Trip. You want a massage or to be pampered at a spa for the weekend . . . I want a Canadian fishing trip with the boys. That’s right, send me north for a week in muskie infested waters.
7)      Beretta Wind Barrier PF Sweater. It’s expensive. There’s no getting around it. But I will tell you it’s the single best piece of hunting clothing I’ve ever owned in my entire life. 
8)      A case of Rooster. That’s right, there’s a new beer on the scene and it’s called Rooster Lager. Not only is it a mix of hops and carmelly goodness, the owner donates proceeds to building wildlife habitat. I’ll drink to that!
9)      Fishing lures. Old ones, new ones, collectibles, flies, or plastics; a guy needs the perfect lure for every day and he never knows what that may be. 
10) Conservation membership and/or banquet tickets. Yes, I work for Pheasants Forever, and this may appear self-serving, but the truth is guys like to belong to conservation groups. We like the stickers for our trucks, the magazines with stories of days afield, and the gratification in knowing we belong to a group that’s giving back to the land that makes so many of our most special memories. I am a life member of Pheasants Forever, life member of Quail Forever, my dog is a life member of Pheasants Forever, I’m also an associate member of the Ruffed Grouse Society, the North American Grouse Partnership, the Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Society, Woodcock Minnesota, Delta Waterfowl, Minnesota Waterfowl Association, Ducks Unlimited, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. I should belong to Muskies Inc., Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation . . . but alas I don’t yet.

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