You can stay warm and be fashionable, according to Joe Zee, Elle's creative director and star of Sundance Channel's "All on the Line With Joe Zee," and Sarah Bernard, host of "The Thread" on Yahoo's Shine. Here's how:

Keep colors neutral: Zee is a fan of darker shades. "Black will always be more flattering than bulking up in neon green," he said.

Use technology: "Bulking up these days doesn't necessarily mean heavy, Michelin tire-inspired items," said Zee. He credits technology for streamlined options that are "thin and insulating, whether it's Jil Sander or North Face."

Insulate yourself: Wear opaque tights under your jeans, trousers and dresses.

Lighten up: Bernard is a fan of silk layers. "It's elegant and it holds in heat," she said.

Avoid cotton: "If you over-layer or insulate too much, you'll sweat through the tee and it will actually make you colder because it will never dry out," said Zee.

Go faux: Bernard favors adding a faux fur accent with ear muffs or boot linings. "It's just as soft and you don't feel any political pressure," she said.

Pick a puffer: "It isn't necessarily warmer the puffier it is," said Zee, who wears a Penfield puffer. He suggests checking for density, technology and the source of insulation.

Boot up: There are many inexpensive options. Bulkier boots require attention to your profile. "If you wear a pair of enormous moon boots or furry boots, wear tighter pants that show off the shape of your legs," said Bernard.

Think about proportions: As tempting as a floor-length coat may be, it might bog you -- and your style -- down. "A puffer maxi-coat might keep the wind out, but it's also heavier and more cumbersome," said Zee. He prefers waist-length or three-quarter-length coats.

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