Kevin Love isn't coming, but Michael Beasley added Wolves teammates Anthony Randolph, Wayne Ellington and Lazar Hayward along with Wes Johnson for Friday's game in Osseo.

Derrick Williams has been listed all along, too, but he just tweeted back to Tolliver late tonight that he'll be in Arizona and not Minnesota Friday night.

Whoever does show to play...this may be the only NBA ball you're going to see for quite awhile longer after owners and players abruptly ended their negotiations in New York City tonight and promptly busted the gag order put forth by the federal mediator.

And boy, did they bust it with a pair of separate news conference that included the players, led by Derek Fisher, calling the owners a bunch of liars.

But back to Friday's game...

I asked Beasley how he planned to pick teams for the game.

"That's easy," he said. "It's going to be Minnesota Timberwolves against everybody else."

Now if only Ricky Rubio would show up...

"I've heard he's in the States, but I haven't really been in contact with him," said Beasley, who appealed to Rubio on Twitter recently to come play in his game. "He's a tough person to get ahold of."

The lineup of players committed to play has gone through several revisions. The rest of the lineup at this point should look like this: DeMarcus Cousins, Sam Young, Josh Howard, Keith Bogans, Mario Chalmers, Dorell Wright, Derrick Caracter. Pops Mensah-Bonsu, DaeQuan Cook, Bobby Maze and Jimmy Butler.

Adrian Peterson and former Lakers guard Norm Nixon still are on as celebrity coaches.

Here's more from Beasley from the story I wrote for the Friday paper.


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