The Uni Watch blog at got a look at the designs for uniforms that NBA teams will wear if they play on Christmas Day. There will be five games that day … so five games … 10 teams … 30 total in the NBA … the Wolves have a 1 in 3 chance of their Christmas unis ever seeing the light of day.

Then again, the odds are probably worse than that considering the NBA likes proven commodities for the holiday time slots — the Warriors, Cavaliers, Thunder and Spurs, for example, were among those to play on Christmas last year — though the Wolves are up-and-comers and could conceivably be of interest to TV viewers.

In any event, Christmas is about seven months away and we won't likely ever see Karl-Anthony Towns and co. in them. But:

People. Love. Uniforms.

So if you want to see them in all their glory, check out the RandBall blog or head to for the full post on all the teams.

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