The Hennepin County Board gave preliminary approval last week to a $108 million plan for two new outpatient clinics, one in downtown Minneapolis and the other at a suburban location to be determined.

The standalone clinics would be built by Hennepin Healthcare System, a public subsidiary of the county that operates Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) and 10 clinics. The new clinics would expand that network.

"These two additions are going to be major points where we will be able to address the needs of the Hennepin County public," interim CEO David Jones told commissioners.

The board is expected to ratify the measure on Tuesday.

Under the plan, outpatient services would be moved out of HCMC and into the two new clinics. The suburban one would be built first, at an estimated cost of $53 million. The funds would come from the county, Hennepin Healthcare System and county-issued bonds to be paid off by Hennepin Healthcare.