Two 19-year-olds have been arrested in connection with the killing of an Annandale man in his home, authorities said Monday.

One of the suspects, a man from Annandale, is being held on suspicion of second-degree murder in the death Saturday of Kyle L. Greene, 42, according to police. The other suspect, a woman from Otsego, is being accused of aggravated robbery, police said.

The two were arrested Sunday morning about three hours apart. They remain held in the Wright County jail and have yet to be charged.

The man in custody has two minor convictions on his adult criminal record in Minnesota, one for marijuana possession and the other for shoplifting. The woman has no convictions on her record in the state.

Records show the house where the killing occurred is owned by a 66-year-old relative of Greene's who appeared to live there with him.

Police say the case remains under investigation, and they are encouraging anyone with information about the death to call the Annandale Police Department at 1-320-274-3278 or the Sheriff's Office at 763-682-1162.

In a statement released through police, Greene's family said, "We recognize that in our small community, where people care about each other, it is natural to try and get answers to make sense of any tragedy. We are learning that you simply cannot make sense out of a senseless tragedy like this."