On Monday, Indiana men's basketball coach Tom Crean — who went from a darling to embattled in exactly one season, with his team going from back-to-back Sweet 16s to not even being in the NIT this year — tweeted this: "Over the next few days and weeks we will tweet out our thoughts on the season and our off season. No need to reply. I don't read it."

He proved the first part, at least, by tweeting several more times over the next 24 hours.

To each their own, but I can't imagine the type of communication that comes from a coach who — at least on social media — loves to talk but hates to listen.

how much? The Arizona Diamondbacks are selling a $25 corndog this year, per ESPN.com's Darren Rovell. Remember: Your self-esteem is priceless.

carried away Knicks fans can treat Phil Jackson as a returning hero if they want, but his career stats on basketball-reference.com say "role player."