For this week’s Gleeman and the Geek podcast, Aaron and John  joined  Lindsay Guentzel's MLB Fan Cave Voting Party. They discuss each of the Twins pitchers, including a spirited discussion about the relative values of Carl Pavano and Scott Baker. Then they finish by talking about the new TwinsDaily web site. You can find:

Or listen to the podcast by clicking on the picture below.

The good news about the first day of Twins Daily? Over 20,000 page views, over 4000 visitors and 300 registered users. The bad news? I’ve finally found the Twins web site that is going to cost me my job and marriage.
Let’s see what we all can obsess about today….
  • The top story (by Seth Stohs) examines the choices the Twins will have at the trade deadline, whether they are or are not competitive.
  • Thryloss contributed a fantastic Fort Myers Spring Training Guide which gives a great overview of where this month’s festivities take place.
  • Cody Christie examines how the Twins will use Joe Nathan’s rehab as a template on how to protect new reliever Joel Zumaya.
  • Finally, swing by the One-Minute Cheat Sheet to give you all the answers you need.
Meanwhile, in the forum, the hottest topics were: