Aaron Gleeman and the Twins Geek discuss Zumaya's injury, rank JR Towles chances of unseating Drew Butera, watch the Twins first televised spring training game, take questions at the Wild Boar and finally unveil John's original "Beauty & The Beast" theme song. Here are:

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There was another podcast last night if you're more of the minor league bent. Seth hosted the Twins Minor League Weekly at 9 which should be especially interesting given that minor league spring training camp is starting goday. In addition, on Twins Daily, we've had a number of blog entries posted by Twins minor league players, including the latest by Dakota Watts. He wonders if he prepared enough?

Luke Hughes is battling injury, snarking at Patrick Reusse and trying to make the 25-man roster. Parker examines the notion that Hughes struggles with pitches on the outside half of the plate.

Former Twins first baseman Don Mincher passed away yesterday. Seth covered his career both with the Twins and afterwards.

.A couple of bad innings sunk the Twins last night. Members wondered aloud about Doumit's swing in the game thread

Finally, if you're looking for yet more audio tomorrow, Seth wil be podcasting at 9 PM and you can listen live and ask questions.