SAN FRANCISCO -- According to Ken Rosenthal, of, the Nationals have included closer Drew Storen in their offer for Twins center fielder Denard Span, but the teams haven't been able to agree on the other players.

On Saturday, I spoke to a Twins source who downplayed the rumors we'd been hearing about Span and Jason Kubel. The source didn't think Ubaldo Jimenez would get traded either. He said teams sometimes take offers on players in case they're overwhelmed.

The Nationals were making a strong push for Span, just like the Pirates were making a strong push for Jason Kubel before turning their attention to Baltimore's Derrek Lee. But the Twins have been working from a position of strength; they have no obligation to trade either player.

In fact, they still consider themselves contenders, and Kubel and Span could play huge roles for them over the next two months. The Twins source said you always listen in case the other team is willing to fill two of your other holes for one player. Maybe that's the hold-up here.

Maybe, and this is just my speculation, the Twins have determined they'd move Span, but only if the Nationals included Storen and second base prospect Stephen Lombardozzi. Or maybe it's Storen and another pitcher.

Another source last night told me that the Twins and Nationals were no closer to a deal than they had been any other day. Sounds like quite a poker game. The deadline comes today at 3 p.m., so the teams will have to show their cards soon.

Update: How's Span feeling through all this? He offered some thoughts this morning on Twitter: "Good morning everyone! I just woke up and read the star tribune article with people's comments! Smh. [Shaking my head]. A lot of people read things and form an opinion very quick. This will be my last tweet for a lil bit. I want to be in a twins uniform after today and for the rest of the deal signed a year ago! To my teammates that I hope I see again u guys know what type of person and team player I am."

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