Percent of barrels per plate appearance for Twins catcher Jason Castro, second best in MLB going into play Friday. To be barreled, a ball must have an exit velocity of 98 mph or higher and have a launch angle between 26-30 degrees. The launch angle range expands at higher mph to also qualify as a barrel. (Source: mlb.com. Totals entering Friday)

1. Gary Sanchez, N.Y. Yankees, 14.4%

2. Jason Castro, Twins, 13.1%

3. Nelson Cruz, Twins, 12.1%

4. Joey Gallo, Texas, 12.0

5. Anthony Rendon, Washington, 11.9

6. Mike Trout, L.A. Angels, 11.9

7. Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox, 11.6

8. Christian Yelich, Milwaukee, 11.5

9. George Springer, Houston, 11.1

10. Pete Alonso, N.Y. Mets, 11.0