Since 2010, the Twins have resembled the Timberwolves at their worst. They have made bad decisions that have been compounded by bad luck.

Spending lots of money on Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes and Ervin Santana has proved to be a mistake. And that mistake has been compounded by the inability of their top two prospects, their two superstars in waiting, to stay healthy and progress together.

Miguel Sano lost a season because of Tommy John surgery. Byron Buxton has had numerous injuries. The two rarely have been healthy and productive on the same team at the same time.

On Tuesday, Buxton gets recalled to the majors and reinserted into the Twins' lineup — and Sano leaves during that same game because of a hamstring injury.

When it comes to the two most important players in their organization, they, like the Timberwolves before them, have had their mistakes compounded by terrible luck.