Gotta remind myself that it's O.K. to call it a ballpark. Caught myself referring to this place as a stadium and had to erase it.  Something I gotta get used to.

Quick hits from the game:

Jose Mijares pitched a scoreless inning on Thursday a day after doctors checked him for blurred vision. He said on Friday that his vision was O.K. and is scheduled to pitch today against the Cardinals.

Gardenhire was pleased with righthander Carl Pavano, who gave up three runs over seven innings on eight hits and no walks. Matt Holiday and Colby Rasmus touched him for homers in the fourth but Gardenhire felt those were the two of the few poor pitches he threw. ``We were real excited about him,'' Gardenhire said.

Pavano, like many Twins pitchers, was curious about how the pitcher's mound was built. After going seven innings, he was pleased with his new hill. ``The mound was pretty good. A couple of us pitchers talked about it. (backstop is close) You feel like you’re right on top of  the plate, which is good for a pitcher because you just feel that much more confident.''

I don't know why it's bold type....

Former Twin Kyle Lohse went five innings and was credited with the win in the fake game. His thoughts on the park?

``Good weather for us, after the possibility of rain,'' he said, ``I’m not going to say anything about the lack of a roof here. I was impressed. it looks good."

I also decided not to eat in the press dining room and opted for the Murray's steak sandwich (I know. Good Friday. Going to hell). Somehow, I got charged twice. But Patrick Reusse showed up right about then. So uncle Pat had dinner on me.

I see that Joe C. has Target Field in a tie with Safeco Field for third best park in the AL. Can't go there.

1. Safeco Field

2. Camden Yards

3. Fenway Park

4. Target Field

5., Angel Stadium

6.Jacobs Field

7. Comerica Park

8. Kauffman Stadium (was higher before renovation)

9. Yankee Stadium

10. U.S., Cellular

11. Sky Dome

12. Ballpark in Arlington

13. Tropicana Field

14. Oakland

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