Have you heard? No more Twinkies!

Yes, I heard -- while I was at work delivering your tasty Twinkies, Ho Hos and Wonder Bread.

I have heard all the chuckles on TV from the newsfolks, about how sad it will be that we have no more Twinkies, or the struggles people are having trying to go to different stores to find their favorite Hostess snacks and being relieved to still find that last box.

How sad to realize that these snacks will soon be gone. I am sorry. If I could do so, I would still be delivering your favorite snacks and bread. But I can't.

I lost my job one week before Thanksgiving, along with more than 18,500 other employees. I had 23 years of supporting my family from the sales of Hostess Cake and Wonder Bread. And now it is gone. I am glad you found your last boxes of Twinkies. Hopefully you will now have a great holiday season.

Don't get me wrong -- I am very grateful to all of you who supported all of us over the years. Just remember that we have families just like you, bills just like you, and that we have to face the holidays and beyond with the reality that we lost our jobs. Instead of focusing on the excitement of the holidays, our focus will be on finding a job.

It really isn't that humorous. From my family to yours, we really do wish you a happy holiday; be grateful for what we have, and do not take anything for granted.

* * *

Joey Fernandes, who lives in Anoka, is a former sales representative for Hostess Brands.