OMG Bobby and Kristy are totally ignoring the fans DO THEY REALIZE WHO MADE THEM POPULOR??? HollywoodLife reports:

It looks like any fans hoping to get a friendly greeting from Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart on the Breaking Dawn set shouldn’t hold their breath — the two ignored and ran pass bystanders March 14! Christine K. from On Location Tours Vancouver tweeted, “I don’t understand the effort Rob and Kristen make to avoid fans & photogs. I get the privacy but do the get who pays their salary? Giveback.” Ouch.


The actors were apparently trying to avoid fans so much, they jumped straight from the door of their car into the Orpheum Theatre where they were filming!


Christine went on to say, “Even Tom [Cruise] & Katie [Holmes] who are huge stars at least wave and make eye contact and Rob and Kristen run and hide like the fans are horrifying.” What’s the deal?

Would it hurt them to wave? No. Stars must realize that they wouldn’t be anywhere without the fans. On the other hand, the fans are needy little weirdos. No, let me rephrase that. Devoted admirers of the work, who nevertheless are miffed if the objects of their interest do not  provide an appropriate amount of "giveback." Maybe they're just arrogant jerks; wouldn't be the first time an actor had suffered from that particular affliction. 

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