Q: What happened to the female policewoman on "Person of Interest"?

A: Taraji P. Henson, who played Detective Carter, has a movie career and reportedly said it was time to leave the CBS drama and get back to the big screen. Look for her this summer in "Think Like a Man Too," the sequel to the comedy-drama inspired by Steve Harvey's writing.

But she is apparently not done with TV. She has signed up for "Empire," a Fox drama pilot about the people in and around a hip-hop company. The series comes from director Lee Daniels and writer Danny Strong, who teamed for "The Butler." The cast includes Terrence Howard, with whom Henson co-starred in "Hustle & Flow," and Macy Gray.

Still no 'Blood Feud' available

Q: I've been searching for more than a decade for "Blood Feud" with Robert Blake. I have an old VHS copy. Why is a great movie like that not being released?

A: "Blood Feud" was a two-part TV movie starring Blake as Jimmy Hoffa and Cotter Smith as Robert Kennedy. I don't know the specific reason for its absence from DVD and other recent formats, but I understand your frustration.

With the wide availability of TV shows and movies on disc and online, there's an assumption that virtually everything can be found somewhere. But that is not always the case. The reason might be as simple as a lack of enough demand to justify the release. Beyond that, rights issues arise; a key cast member might not be willing to have it released, there is a fight over which company owns the overall rights or music licensing is expensive or impossible.

Moving on after 'Matt Houston'

Q: In the '80s, there was a show called "Matt Houston" with Lee Horsley and his "girl Friday." Whatever happened to the stars?

A: "Matt Houston" aired on ABC from 1982 to 1985. Horsley played a wealthy oilman who spent most of his time solving mysteries; his sidekick was C.J. Parsons, played by Pamela Hensley.

Horsley also appeared in "North and South, Book II," the western drama "Paradise," "Bodies of Evidence," "Wind on Water" and "Hawkeye," and in the big-screen "Django Unchained."

Hensley was known to audiences for playing Princess Ardala in NBC's "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century." She married E. Duke Vincent, an executive producer of "Matt Houston," and put aside acting. She wrote "The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook," which was published in 2004.

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