Q: Isn't it unusual for Michael Strahan, who's the co-host with Kelly Ripa on "Live!" on one channel, to be on "Good Morning America" on a different channel each morning?

A: Some readers might be puzzled by this question if they see "Live!" and ABC's "Good Morning America" on the same station. But this question comes from an area where "Live!" is on the CBS affiliate. That's the difference between a network show and a syndicated one.

A syndicated show such as "Live!" airs not through a network like ABC but through sale to individual stations or station-group owners. So it might appear on an ABC affiliate in one market and a CBS or NBC affiliate in another. Network shows are on their affiliates in different markets during their first run; repeats often are sold in syndication and to cable outlets.

But the people making and distributing a show might have ties to the company owning a network. "Live!" is distributed through ABC's program syndication. ABC's owner, the Walt Disney Co., is a big believer in corporate synergy. (When "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller made her horrible appearance on "Dancing With the Stars," it was a corporate crossover because "Dance Moms" airs on Lifetime, which Disney partly owns.

Promoting Strahan on the main network, therefore, isn't surprising.

ABC and Disney aren't alone in using different venues to promote stars and shows. In Cleveland, WJW ran a lot of pieces about WGN's "Salem" because it is owned by the same company as WGN. Al Roker of NBC's "Today" show also has a series on the Weather Channel, which is a corporate sibling of NBC.

'Almost Human' is gone for good

Q: Has "Almost Human" been renewed for a second season?

A: No. Even though the show had serialized elements (and a mystery involving a walled-off region), it has left any viewer questions unanswered.

Also, no more 'The Glades'

Q: Is the A&E series "The Glades" returning?

A: The last episode in August 2013 had a cliffhanger, but it has been canceled, leaving its ending as unresolved as "Almost Human's." Still, "Glades" star Matt Passmore will be on TV this summer, in the USA Network drama series "Satisfaction," which premieres July 17.

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