Q Are there new writers for "Rizzoli & Isles"? When the series first came out in 2010, I loved every episode. But lately, they've been making Lorraine Bracco's character even more annoying; Angie Harmon's character has become childish and silly; Ed Begley Jr.'s character is portrayed as a buffoon; and they've added characters such as a menacing nun to make the whole program irritating and ridiculous. I've finally pulled the plug. Am I the only one, or have the ratings declined to indicate that others feel as I do?

A The ratings can't be too bad: The show was renewed for a fourth season in late June.

As for the series getting new writers, most scripted shows have turnover in writers season to season, but Janet Tamaro, who has been in charge since the series began, remains the executive producer.

'NYC 22' is done for good

Q Any chance CBS might change its mind about canceling "NYC 22"?

A Sorry, no. "NYC 22" will not be back for additional episodes beyond its first season.

More 'Lilyhammer' coming soon

Q Did Nexflix pick up "Lilyhammer" for a second season? If so, when will it be available?

A Yes, Netflix did order a second season of "Lilyhammer," but a premiere date has not been announced.

Rights can impede tributes

Q What do you think the reasoning is behind ME-TV's not airing a tribute to Sherman Hemsley, who recently died? He was one of the stars of "Amen" and "The Jeffersons." ME-TV aired tributes to Harry Morgan of "M*A*S*H," Don Grady of "My Three Sons" and Ernest Borgnine of "McHale's Navy." Am I missing something?

A Often a network such as ME-TV will buy rights to a program for a limited time. If you look at ME-TV's list of programs, neither "Amen" nor "The Jeffersons" is listed (www.metvnetwork.com), so the network couldn't air a tribute.

"All of those programs are owned by other networks and are not available to us," a ME-TV representative explained. "We own those shows only in Chicago and did a tribute locally on Me-Too," a local service with limited availability.

No more flying for 'Wild Alaska'

Q "Flying Wild Alaska" on the Discovery Channel has been canceled. I thought its ratings were strong. Why was it canceled?

A Discovery executives declined to reveal why they canceled the show. Shows are usually canceled for economic reasons, but with a reality show other factors can come into play, including the real-life people involved. I don't know if that was the case here, but it could have been a factor.

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