Q: I’ve been watching “Law and Order: SVU” for years. All of a sudden this year Richard Belzer, who plays Munch, is no longer on there and there is no mention of him. What happened?

A: You might have missed a couple of episodes last year. In the long-running series’ telecast on Oct. 9, it was said that Munch had put in his papers. (“SVU” executive producer Warren Leight told Zap2it.com that Belzer, at 69, was well past the mandatory retirement age for an NYPD detective, and the show tries to resemble the real world.)

The episode airing a week later was a farewell to the character as a series regular. But Munch’s new job, working in the district attorney’s office, has kept him in the “Law & Order” universe. Belzer guest-starred as Munch in the May 21 episode.

Belzer first played Munch, then a Baltimore police detective, on “Homicide: Life on the Street” when that series premiered in 1993 and was a charter member of “SVU” when it began in 1999. He is widely credited with having played the same character on more shows than any other actor, including not only the “Law & Order” programs but also “The X-Files,” “The Wire,” “30 Rock” and other shows.

Josh Elliott moves to NBC

Q: What happened to Josh Elliott, who was on “Good Morning America”?

A: He jumped networks. Elliott joined NBC’s sports operation, where his hiring announcement said he will cover “the NFL, the Summer and Winter Olympics, and Triple Crown horse racing, among other high-profile sporting events.” He made his on-air debut for the network during its Kentucky Derby coverage.

Nothing has happened to ‘Shameless’

Q: My husband and I got hooked on “Shameless” on Showtime and had a marathon viewing from Season 1 up to the 10th episode of Season 4. Suddenly, it’s no longer showing. What happened?

A: The fourth season of the series consisted of 12 episodes, the last of which aired April 6. They’re all available via Showtime on Demand. The show, starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, has gotten an order for a fifth season to air in 2015.

‘Resurrection’ is coming back

Q: What is going to become of “Resurrection”? The season finale left everyone hanging.

A: ABC has ordered a second season of the series to air at 9 p.m. Sundays in the fall.


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