Q How can TV directors not notice that certain things reflect the many studio lights? Specifically, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets, balloons. This drives me crazy and insults my intelligence more than the show itself. Do they think we are really so stupid we don't notice?

"Hannah Montana" "beach scenes" were the worst, but I saw another one last night. How many suns do we have on this planet?

A I can't say this is something I have ever noticed. Occasionally, I'll see a boom mic in a scene, but I can't recall ever seeing the reflection of studio lights. I'm not sure in what TV shows, other than "Hannah Montana," you're seeing these reflections but I suppose low-budget cable sitcoms might be more prone to such gaffes.

Missing 'Mad Men'

Q I'm a great fan of "Mad Men." Unfortunately, I'm also a Dish TV subscriber. Dish dropped AMC from its lineup earlier this year, even though I and many other subscribers protested vehemently beforehand. I want to switch to Verizon FiOS, but the TV is not yet offered in my area and Verizon has no idea when that will happen. I don't want to switch until all three components (phone, Internet and TV) are available.

I've searched online for entire episodes for viewing, but have only found previews for upcoming episodes, even on the AMC website (www.amctv.com). Do you know where I can view full episodes this coming season?

A The Dish-AMC dispute was settled recently and AMC networks have been returned to the Dish lineup.

Meanwhile, Season 5 of "Mad Men," which aired earlier this year, is available on Amazon Instant Video; previous seasons are available on Netflix. We'll have to see if Amazon carries Season 6 next year in real time or if you'll need to wait until the season is over on AMC to see all the episodes on Amazon.

Looking for Becky on 'Glee'

Q This is a "Glee"-related question: Can you find out if Becky, the cheerleader who worked with Sue but suffered with autism in real life, has been written out of the show? I haven't seen her (or many of the major characters, for that matter), but I do miss Becky. She would make you laugh. If you find out something, can you let us know?

A So far this season, Becky has appeared in at least one episode: "Makeover." Many of the show's characters are appearing less often this season because of the bifurcated nature of the story, with some characters in Ohio and others in New York.

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